May Progress Update

Edit: Didn’t quite manage to finish everything today, so release will be tomorrow (Friday), or on Monday at the latest.

The game mechanics, API and graphics for CodingGame are starting to look decent, and I am now ramping up for an alpha release on June 11. Until then, I will be tying up various loose ends and complete the following remaining tasks:

  • Replays: I want to add functionality for automatically saving all the commands issued to the game units to a file. These can then be replayed later to perfectly recreate the game. Among other uses, this will be invaluable for bug reports.
  • Community: I want to set up one or more mechanisms to allow for submission of bug reports, discussion of the game mechanics, sharing of replays etc. I am thinking something like a google group, but I’ll have to do some research to see whether there aren’t any better options. If you have any suggestion, let me know.
  • Documentation: There probably should be at least some description of the game mechanics and API.

What happens after the release depends a bit on how many people actually try out the alpha version, but the basic idea is to go through several iterations of receiving feedback and improving the gameplay. In parallel to that, I will be able to start work on setting up a website with tutorials and documentation and implementing multiplayer.

2 thoughts on “May Progress Update

  1. Ken

    Be sure to submit something to HN when the alpha is released. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure you’d get more people trying it and giving feedback


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